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OATI webCARES System

Please contact OATI webCARES Support for more information regarding the following items:

  • OATI Certificate Pricing Details
  • Obtaining access to the OATI webCARES System
  • Obtaining an OATI webCARES User Agreement or an Amendment to an Existing OATI User Agreement
  • More Information about Receiving and Submitting an OATI webCARES System Application Form

To contact OATI webCARES support personnel:

E-Mail: webCARESSupport@oati.net
Phone: (763) 201-2000

Please note, a webCARES User Agreement or an Amendment to an existing OATI User Agreement must be signed before OATI will begin the Security Officer Identification and Verification Procedure.

OATI webCARES Subscriber Application Forms

  • Business Representative Application Form Please complete this form if you are either: 1) An employee or agent of a Business Organization and the OATI certificates are to be used for acceptable business purposes; or 2) A private individual wishing to use an OATI certificate for personal purposes.
    • Company Information, Security Officer Information, and Applicable Signatures are required for this application.
    • A Backup Security Officer is not required but strongly recommended by OATI.
    • An Audit Officer is not required but recommended by OATI. An Audit Officer will have read-only access to the OATI webCARES system for Security Officer monitoring purposes. An Audit Officer will receive monthly audit reports by e-mail detailing SO actions in the prior month.

For any questions about the OATI webCARES system application process, please contact OATI webCARES support personnel.


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