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OATI webCARES Digital Certificates are all you need to register in webRegistry (NAESB EIR)

OATI webCARES has been certified by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) as an Authorized Certificate Authority (ACA) in webRegistry (NAESB EIR).

If you already have a OATI webCARES Digital Certificate, this is all you need to register and perform any action in webRegistry, and new or additional certificates are not needed.

If you are new to digital certificates, welcome! There is no better, more secure digital certificate provider than OATI webCARES! OATI webCARES has been the premier, trusted digital certificate in the Electric Industry for the last decade. OATI webCARES is proud of its history of security and usability and will continue to reward your trust in the next decade and beyond. Please contact support@oati.net or call OATI at (763) 201-2020 to request your digital certificates today.

OATI webCARES Digital Certificate

webCARES (web-based Certificate Administration, Renewal, and Enrollment Service) Certificate Authority provides digital certificates (Id's) to organizations interested in protecting their electronic communications and data transfers from alterations (data integrity) and imposters (data repudiation). In addition, using an OATI webCARES digital certificate ensures that data being transferred is securely encrypted (data privacy) for safe transport over public communication circuits, such as email systems, extranets and the Internet.

The unbelievably simple, straight forward webCARES web service interface allows an organization's designated Security Officer (SO) to easily issue new digital certificates to their organization's personnel, renew digital certificates before they expire, revoke digital certificates when appropriate, and track the history of any digital certificate within their organization using the webCARES audit features.

All webCARES Certification Authority digital certificates are X509 V3 compatible and conform to the CA/Browser Forum's Baseline Requirements Certificate Policy for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted Certificates. They are relied upon by 90% of the energy companies across the United States and Canada for SSL/TLS client authentication, web server authentication, e-mail encryption/digital signing and single sign-on applications. No other digital certification authority is more aligned to the needs of the energy industry.

If you are an employee or agent of a business or organization please download, complete, and mail to OATI the webCARES Business Representative Application Form*.

Please e-mail OATI webCARES support for quantity digital certificate pricing details, information regarding using the OATI webCARES Certificate Authority, or any other questions you may have.

webCARES Certification Authority Documentation

The OATI Certification Practice Statement (CPS) provides detailed information about the OATI webCARES system and the practices and procedures OATI utilizes to secure and manage its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). OATI strongly recommends that anyone using or relying on an OATI digital certificate review the CPS thoroughly.

webCARES Certificate Authority Certificates & Certificate Revocation Lists

Complete CA Certificate Chain (including root, and issuing certificates) (OATI 2021 Issuing Authority)
Complete CA Certificate Chain (including root, and issuing certificates) (OATI 2017 Issuing Authority)
Complete CA Certificate Chain (including root, and issuing certificates) (OATI 2013 Issuing Authority)
Complete CA Certificate Chain (including root, and issuing certificates) (OATI Issuing Authority)

webCARES Certificate Authority Certificates

OATI Root Certificate

OATI Issuing Authority Cert

OATI 2013 Issuing Authority Cert

OATI 2017 Issuing Authority Cert

OATI 2021 Issuing Authority Cert

webCARES Certificate Authority Revocation Lists (CRL)


OATI Issuing Authority CRL

OATI 2013 Issuing Authority CRL

OATI 2017 Issuing Authority CRL

OATI 2021 Issuing Authority CRL

webCARES Public Certificate Authority Data

Please contact webCARES Support at (763) 201-2000 for information about accessing webCARES public certificate data through our LDAP or CSV interfaces.

Renewal of the webCARES Root and new Issuing CA 2021 certificates FAQ's

Renewal of the webCARES Root and new Issuing CA 2017 certificates FAQ's

webCARES User Agreement or an Amendment to an existing OATI User Agreement must be signed before OATI will begin any identification and verification procedures. Company Information, Security Officer Information, and Applicable Signatures are required for Business Representative Applications. All Security Officers are recommended to be from the IT or Security department. A Backup Security Officer is not required but strongly recommended by OATI. An Audit Officer is not required but recommended by OATI. An Audit Officer will have read-only access to the OATI webCARES system for Security Officer monitoring purposes. All Security Officers and Audit Officers will receive monthly e-mail audit reports detailing all certificate actions in the prior month.

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